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WheelsPROSTUF PROSTUF WHEELS   The PROSTUF MX Wheels are hand built to the highest standard. They have all been fully tested in Australia and Europe and are among some of the strongest wheels on the market, laced, trued, and ready to go, they are suitable for both Motocross and Enduro off-road. Wheels are bike specific and sized at 1.60x21 for the front and   2.15 x 19  + 1.85 x 19 for the rear and available in certain color schemes for different models.
Bike Parts PROSTUF

The bike parts start with high quality tested material and parts, we will keep devoloping and innovate during time.
Here you will see some products wich can be used in the paddock. Also PROSTUF have some tools for bike work.  

Welcome to PROSTUF

PROSTUF is a brandname for Belgian brained payable quality products for the MX – market.

All products are developed and tested, by Australian, Belgian and French MX drivers and engineers to bring now on the market.

In all our motocross parts we use the high quality materials, to have good products and long term relationships.

Please take a look in our product overview.

 PROSTUF can be used on all levels, PRO and amateur racers will have a good feeling with the Prostuf.


 PROSTUF is a new brand of 'PRO'fessional 'STUF'f, developed and assembled in France.


You can find the PROSTUF with your local dealer.


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